Final conference of the project Enhancing Women’s Participation in Peace and Security (WEPPS)

4 November 2020 – 11.00 (CET) – Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa (Room 3, main building, and online on Webex)

Partner: Agency for Peacebuilding (AP)

Funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE)


11.00-11.05 – Institutional welcome
Gaetana Morgante, Director of Dirpolis Institute SSSA

11.05-12.45 – PANEL I: Charting the Future of the WPS Agenda post-2020

Keynote speech – Soumita Basu, South Asian University Introduced by Francesco Strazzari, SSSA

Bridging different perspectives: an open debate on the WPS future

  1. Italy’s NAP 1325 and the WPS Agenda – Maja Bova, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  2. Academic perspective – TBA
  3. Practitioner perspective – Laura Davis, EPLO

Q&A session (30 min)
Chair: Laura Berlingozzi, SSSA

14.30-16.10 – PANEL II: Whose Agenda? Understanding inclusion and participation in the WPS Agenda

Presentation of the WEPPS Project – Francesco Strazzari, SSSA

WEPPS in the Balkans and Nord Africa: cross-case findings – Clara della Valle, SSSA

Going online: challenges and opportunities for the WPS Agenda – Bernardo Monzani, AP

Voices from the field:
Kika Babić-Svetlin (Agency for Gender Equality, Ministry of HR and Refugees, BiH);
Fatima Outaleb (Union de l’Action Féminine, Morocco);
Boutheina Hammami (Gender specialist for IOs and previously consultant to UN Women in the framework of the WPS Agenda, 2018-2019, Tunisia)
– from Kosovo TBA

Q&A session (30 min)
Chair: Elisa Piras, SSSA

16.10-16.15 – Final remarks

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