A major shift? Biden, Africa and (the stagnation of) the US security policy

The inauguration of the Biden presidency in January 2021 was filled with high hopes with respect to a renewal of the US security policy in Africa. Observers and analysts envisaged a major rupture with the political line of the previous US administration, foreseeing a greater emphasis on democracy promotion and the strengthening of diplomatic relations with African governments. Biden himself identified such goals as key pillars of his agenda for Africa in the run-up to the elections, moving away from the ‘America First’ campaign of the Trump administration. The latter did not hide its ⋙

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Conference Call for Papers: The Role of Women’s Civil Society Organizations in Peace Processes

On 5th-6th April 2022, the University of Siena and the University of Milano, in collaboration with the Scuola ⋙

Sant'Anna Seasonal School on “African Perspectives: Change, Conflicts, Connections”

From 7th until 11th March 2022, Prof. Francesco Strazzari coordinates the intensive Seasonal  School  in “African Perspectives: Change, ⋙

Roundtables on Geopolitics and IR, 13-14 January 2022 (SSSA-SGRI)

Roundtable 1 : The “return of geopolitics” and the study of International Relations On Thursday, 13th January, from 15 ⋙

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