China in Afghanistan: risks, interests and regional politics

After nearly 20 years the United States and NATO withdrew their troops from Afghanistan at the end of August, abandoning their Afghan allies at the mercy of the Taliban, who after a lightning-fast series of advances throughout the country, paraded in US-made Humvees to celebrate their victory. The US did not only leave thousands of high-end weapons, aircraft, equipment and armored vehicles for the Taliban to seize. It left behind a massive humanitarian disaster including 14 million people without food, 2 million malnourished children, more than 3.5 million internally displaced people and a ⋙

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New article on JISB: Drug Smuggling and the Stability of Fragile States. The Diverging Trajectories of Mali and Niger

What is the impact of smuggling on political ordering and stability in fragile states? The article I’ve ⋙

Workshop: Perspectives on Governance by Non-State Armed Actors

Workshop on 24 May 2021, 8:45 - 19:15 CEST (i.e. UTC+2), Scuola Normale Superiore ⋙

May-September 2021 Workshop Series Transnational Governance Cohorts: Debating Transnational Governance

The Scuola Normale Superiore and Scuola Sant'Anna are happy to announce a series of online workshops debating transnational ⋙

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